Welcome to the new RRP!

Hey there! So why did I rebrand? Let me share the space I was in when I decided!

I have been in wedding photography since 2016, and photography in general since around 2011. I have learned so much along the way and evolved as a photographer and a human being! I have had quite a few evolutions of my logo and the colors I use to represent my brand but have never really thought about who I was as a photographer or who I wanted to put out there to my clients and audience.

I have worked on many different styles of photography, until my style finally clicked for me. Something about a light, dream filled photo of emotions is just where I need to be. It wasn’t the style I was seeking, but how the feel of the image spoke to me. How I capture that raw emotion. Capturing a wedding is sharing in the joy of the day. It’s getting to share in the emotions and capture it just as you felt it.

When you are coming from a place of love and authenticity, it just feels like you are really putting the best of what you are out there for people to see.

I hope you all love this new, carefully crafted Robin Rogers Photography. I so look forward to being the journalist for your love!

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