A Picture-Perfect Engagement: Jaelynn and Travis in Gruene, Texas

Love was in the air as Jaelynn and Travis embarked on their engagement session in Gruene, Texas, nestled along the tranquil banks of the Guadalupe River. The picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for capturing their joy and love as we ventured out on a sweet session.

Jaelynn radiated beauty in white floral embossed dress, her natural curls adding the perfect touch. Travis, dapper in khaki pants, a crisp white linen shirt, and cowboy boots, was the epitome of a Texan man.

As they strolled hand in hand along the riverbank, Ok, let me be honest. As they struggled to not fall on the slippery rocks, Travis’ love for Jaelynn was evident as he helped her not tumble into the river!

As we left the slippery rocks of the Guadalupe behind, we headed into the cutest town and strolled along the streets. Stopping for some gorgeous flowers outside of the Gristmill, where Jaelynn and Travis would later head out to for dinner.

As they embarked on this new chapter of their lives, one thing was certain – their love would continue to shine brightly, illuminating their lives in a special way. April 2025 will be the month when they exchange vows, and commit to each other. It will be a gorgeous celebration that I can’t wait to share!

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