Romance Amidst History: A Styled Bridal Shoot at Harper Hill Ranch

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Seguin, Texas, lies Harper Hill Ranch, a haven of rustic charm and timeless beauty. This beautiful venue is home to a gorgeous farmhouse that I instantly fell in love with upon meeting Amy and her beautiful venue.

Against the backdrop of the iconic blush pink farmhouse, steeped in history dating back to 1827, our bride radiated beauty.

When you check in with the Stanfield’s to share your wedding day, the home greets you with a binder sharing the rich history of this beautiful home.

From the binder we read:

Welcome to Harper Hill Ranch! The original part of the Ranch house was built by the Biesele family, whom have a rich and interesting history 

that we like to share with our visitors.

Leopold Biesele was a German revolutionary born in the grand duchy of Baden in 1827. At the time of the democratic uprising in Baden in 1849, Biesele’s fellow soldiers removed their captain 

from office and elected Biesele in his stead. The rebels were besieged and lost their revolt. Biesele found himself on trial for high treason, which caused him to be incarcerated. 

He escaped from prison and it was said he swam the Rhine to France and freedom. He was then included in a list of fugitive rebel officers in 1855. 

Because of this, he never let himself be photographed. Little did he know of the pardon 

that was issued in 1862.

He traveled to Texas in 1851 and settled on York Creek in Guadalupe County. In 1853 he married Babette Vogel, also from Baden. They had at least 

11 children. He helped to build the Blum school, in which he taught from 1863 until 1876. He 

retired in 1883 and lived until 1905.

Biesele built this home in 1880 and it has only been owned by a few other families. We 

purchased the property in 2017 and turned it into Harper Hill Ranch. The house was lovingly 

restored and additions were made that more than doubled the size of the original home. As 

you walk around, you’ll see mudbrick walls, pressed tin, antique floors, doors and more! Be sure to look for one family’s  growth chart and see if you can find our secret passage, too.

Accompanying the bride was a bouquet that mirrored the soft, romantic hues of the farmhouse itself. Shades of peach, blush, and pink intertwined to create a bouquet that perfectly flowed with the gorgous colors of the farmhouse. Crafted with attention to detail, the bouquet served as a stunning accent to the bride’s ensemble, adding a pop of color against the backdrop of the rustic landscape. Ceneferth with Bluebonnet Fields Floral in San Antonio did not disappoint in the attention to detail and dedication in creating this beautiful bouquet.

The radiant bride, Cella, adorned in a beautiful gown from Celebrations Bridal and Prom, located in nearby New Braunfels, Texas. With its lace detailing and classic silhouette, the dress had a timeless elegance that perfectly complemented the historic surroundings. An added sleeve gave the perfect amount of dreamy to enhance the romatic feeling. Her natural beauty was only inhanced by our friend Ashleigh with Lipstick and Locks in Boerne, TX. The perfect amount of peaches and blushes added to the beauty of the look!

Amidst the historic charm of Harper Hill Ranch, we captured the Farmhouse in all its beauty with images sure to draw the eye for years to come!

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