A Love Letter to the Bridesmaids and Bride Getting Ready moments!

In the quiet ( or loud!) hours leading up to the wedding, there’s a fun opportunity to capture the essence of anticipation as the bride and bridesmaids prepare for the big day. As a photographer, these moments are pure and unfiltered, and the moments are pure and full of love and laughter. These moments are some of my very favorite moments of the wedding day. The vibe in the bridal suite is unmatched to anything else during the day. So I will say without hesitation that this is my favorite part of the day to capture!

If you were wondering whether or not to get those fun pj’s, robes, matching glasses, let me tell you this is your sign! Buy the cute Pj’s!

The cutest matching Pj’s, gift exchanges, champagne toasts are all a part of the moments that make this such a fun part of the day!

Photographing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready is about preserving the purity of these moments. The images to the genuine emotions, bonds, and anticipation that make this part of the wedding day truly special.

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